Legado fantasma
Theo Mercier
Legado Fantasma is the first solo exhibition in Mexico by french artist Theo Mercier, presenting works produced during his residence at MARSO in 2017. Mercier’s artistic practice is based on his collection of objects, which he presents in montages that communicate the implicit stories of each one. His most recent works incorporate local and organic materials and forms from which an intentionally homogenous vision of “primitive” art emanates. Their montages relate layers of everyday objects with the immaterial superposition of an anthropological imaginary.

MARSO began as a non-profit curatorial initiative and in 2013 became a gallery. Today MARSO is committed to producing a thought-provoking program of exhibitions with special emphasis on issues relevant to the Mexican and Latin American context. Working with both emerging and emerging artists, MARSO produces exhibitions that generate reflections and dialogue on contemporary artistic practices in other latitudes. In addition to a continuous program of exhibitions in the gallery and the constant participation in art fairs and biennials at an international level, MARSO publishes artist books, works with cultural institutions, hosts artists studios and carries out a residency program. The beginnings of MARSO as a curatorial initiative formed the basis for the gallery program and these continue to fuel its growth and trajectory.