Boca Roca
Catherine Abitbol
Catherine Abitbol’s photography series Boca Roca suggests a reflection around the Olmeca civilization, which we still don’t know much of. Abitbol’s gesture takes us from everyday appreciation, the renowned ‘cabezas olmecas’, to the fascination for the unknown in them; an invitation to appreciate the greatness of a aesthetic that begs teh question of whether it has really disappeared or continues to live in our own appreciation.

Stephan Ach
In Oneself, Stephan Ach shows the contemplative oasis that a jungle landscape gives the photographer, who, with no specific intentions, finds calm amongst the sheer shades of the leaves and the minute detail that the observation of his surroundings renders him.

Short Tales
Ariel Orozco Rodríguez
Ariel Orozco Rodríguez presents the drawing series Short Tales, that, regarding his past series Estáticas, uncovers the unintentional encounter that the artist has with art during meditation moments. For Ariel, inspiration happens as serendipity, for the artist’s will fades creative practice.

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