House of Gaga

funkadelics’ parliament (o de las insignias de[re]valuadas)
Guillermo Santamarina
Curator, with a degree in communications (UIA, 1980-84). Since 1980 he has enabled visual artistic experimentation and its dissemination. Causing more than a hundred shows, both in Mexico and abroad.
Regularly teaches seminars and workshops on contemporary theory and practice of expression; and courses on Contemporary Art and research in universities and cultural centers.
Frequently summoned in and out of his country to share ideas about Mexican artistic manifestations and the possibilities of rapprochement between expression and social projection. In February 2001 he participated in the keynote address “Global and Local. The Condition of Art Practice Now”, organized by the Tate Modern. Director of four meetings of the International Forum on Theory of Contemporary Art (FITAC), and founding member of the governing committee of the International Symposium on Theory of Contemporary Art (SITAC), for which he has advised his 4 meetings. Jury of many national and foreign competitions.

House of Gaga was conceived as an extension of the late production office Perros Negros. Capitalizing from its previous experience, the gallery began its operation as a commercial gallery in January 2008 with Claire Fontaine’s solo show “Capitalism is not working”. The gallery’s interest is that of representing both local and international artists from different generations and presenting their work in Mexico. We operate in close relationship with our artists whom, concurrently, develop works in diverse fields, collectives, brands and galleries. Today, after nine years of the gallery’s foundation, we have initiated a new chapter for Gaga with a second location in Los Angeles.