GE (Monterrey)

Pensamientos Maestros
Antonio Mesones, Ariel Cabrera, Erika Harsch, James Rielly, Jesus Zurita, Juan Miguel Pozo Cruz, Hector Bitar, Lluis Lleo, Marina Vargas, Ray Smith, RETNA, Santiago Ydañez, Sergio Belinchon, Ubay Murillo, Yigal Ozeri
We join Gallery Weekend Mexico City to launch our third exhibition space, keeping with our efforts to generate introspective, emotions, provocations and questions in our community, through exhibitions, workshops and interactions with artists and creators that approach collective and individual contemporary subjects such as politics, society, government, morales and behaviour, reality, perception or to somehow summarise, human subjects that aim to bring an ingredient which helps society generate conscience and like this in short, medium and long term, build a more promising and humane future. Research is a common trait amongst our represented artists, no matter what their field, they all approach subjects relevant to our lives, and it is through this research that we give meaning, depth and legacy to our exhibitions. Here, we present all of our artists as an introduction and celebration for this new adventure. The selection includes pieces that make each artists discourse evident in the collective and the individual, harmonized from an angle of intelectual master thought.

GE Galería was founded in 2006. The gallery prides itself on its dedication to the careers of its international stable of artists, with representation from Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Middle East. It has succeeded in directing a strong, vibrant program that continues to win the support and interest of collectors world-wide. More than just a gallery, GE Galería is a bastion for the arts and supports many artistic endeavors and institutions, while demonstrating significant loyalty to its artists.