Galería Karen Huber

Color, Mundo y Carne
Luis Hampshire
The exhibition Color, Mundo y Carne presents Luis Hampshire’s most recent work. (Mexico, 1975). His artistic production, including drawings, collages, found objects and assemblages, is a visual investigation around the various ways of thinking about painting. The composition of his works, always thought from a pictorial place, are halfway between the abstract and the figurative, because they are finally the result of his own apprehension of the world. This ambiguity forces the spectator to decipher the work, to use the body, in its transit; To generate a body memory that detonates images.

A Boy Named Sue
Ana Segovia
A Boy Named Sue is Ana Segovia’s (Mexico, 1991) first solo exhibition in Mexico. Through stereotyped figures, such as the cowboy, Segovia reflects on masculinity and the sociocultural conventions that arise around them. Her paintings, full of cinematographic and literary references, show her interest in the performatic aspect of masculinity, as well as the formal influence of painters like Hockney, Schutz and Bacon.

Galería Karen Huber is a platform of contemporary art committed to the production of curatorial projects and the promotion of young artists with upward trajectory in the national and international sphere. The focus of the gallery is primarily on pictorial production and the exploration of these processes in other disciplines without then leaving aside other forms of representation.