Galería Alterna

Paraíso tropical
Madeline Jiménez

¿Por qué el velociraptor se convirtió en gallina?
Ling Sepúlveda

During Gallery Weekend México, the gallery will alternate the projects of Madeline Jiménez (Dominican Republic, 1980) and Ling Sepúlveda (Mexico, 1982). Both of them of performative character that seek to influence in a reflective way in the violence of gender and racial, in the society in general and, specifically, in the artistic field. Madeline Jiménez will generate a sonic and “hysterical” experience in an unstable context that tries to destabilize the notion of tropical paradise and the exotized subject, to deconstruct the object of art as a sexually sensitive subject. On the other hand, the project of Ling Sepúlveda consists of a race of chickens that involves the visitors of the route, who can bet. Why did the Velociraptor turn into a chicken? It is a performance that generates questions about the domestication, the stratification and the notion of “career” in the artistic field.

Octavio Avendaño Trujillo, curator

Galería Alterna is a gallery project with the mission of promoting artists of medium career in dialogue with young artists whose projects address topics such as anthropocene, science and technology. From conceptual, pictorial, sculptural and performatic languages, the artists of the gallery generate specific projects for the exhibition space with the purpose of proposing strong proposals of their own bodies of work as an expanded study.

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