Maleza sin pies ni cabeza
Sol Pipkin

“What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Maleza sin pies ni cabeza” (“Weeds without heads or tails”), Sol Pipkin’s second exhibit in Mexico City, is the result of her work in the Museo Experimental El Eco. A relationship with the intuitive and the presence of the body before language are constant themes of Pipkin’s work, as is her permanent reflection upon handcrafted objects in everyday life and man’s relationship with nature as a primary reference for creative work and its processes.
In this exhibit, the space plays a double role. On one hand, it exhibits the artist’s work. At the same time, the artist presents to the spectator a space through which he can pass, either standing, walking or on the floor. In this way, the exhibit is transformed into an experience that transcends the visual sphere.
Pieces are created through listening, barely rationally, rather intuitively and with physical relation to the materials: branches, papier-mâché, brilliant tempera colors, paintings made on cloths and gourds, seeds, volumes from banana peels, charcoal drawings and dirt.
Many of these pieces won’t resist the passing of time, and it doesn’t matter. Their material existence is an excuse: the desire that originates and creates them is to remain forever in a body that was transformed through experience.

– Domitila Bedel

Machete opened its doors in Mexico City in November 2012 with a focus on emerging Latin American art. We represent artists whose creative processes interest us, as we believe that through them they reflect upon their own context and period in time. Our aim is for every artist in our gallery to express themselves through a different voice and formal solution, so that together they may generate an inclusive and plural conversation.
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