CAM Galería

Intangible Spaces
Luis Moro

Intangible spaces is a pictorial, sculptural and interactive exhibition developed with Intel Core i5 seventh generation technology. The exhibition invites to contemplate the naturalistic works of Moro, as well as to discover the newest sensorial experiences trough art. Galaxy Book by Samsung is the hybrid computer used to see the incredible augmented reality the artist developed in each of his pieces, which are also musicalized. The use of technology re–signifies the traditional concept of art. Moro’s art work comes into life through augmented reality. Materializing the immaterial and transforming the tangible into intangible.

CAM Galería is an art gallery that arises from the need to promote, advise, communicate and research plastic arts in Mexico, aimed at creators, researchers and collectors. To strengthen a common goal three indispensable figures unite, the enrichment of culture in a country that needs it more than ever. Where in an unprecedented format, artists, buyers and researchers are advised and promoted. In our country there are few platforms that directly promote artists with collectors and researchers who have the firm conviction to revaluate their work. CAM Gallery’s mission is to seek mass patronage and increase the art work’s value as well as private collections, all supported with a scientific foundation as well as in publications, catalogs and specialized books.
CAM Gallery encourages art collection with help of profesional advice to those who have the interest of finding an alternative refuge of their wealth. We are convinced that it is essential to have a professional research support that focuses on the artists and their work, only so that the collectors are certain that their investment is safe and in the same way the artist is favored by the increased value of his art works.