Enrique Minjares
On this occasion, the artist retakes the appropriation of the calendar, as well as the investigation on Czech pornography from the re-contextualization and the multidiscipline: drawing, pictorial concepts and collage, as well as the idea of ​​”self-portrait”. But here, the drawing is pyrogravure: burned on a base of bachas. The idea of ​​”burn” makes direct allusion to the lighting of a “touch” at the same time as the idea of ​​fire and sexual ardor. The notion of “self-portrait” has to do with his daily habits, but now instead of the images of himself holding the “tails of specks”, the collection of butts that serve as the basis for the images of the 12 poses, record of its accumulation, which speaks of its daily ritual, constancy, daily life and an auto-mechanical question in its day to day: its way of being, working and relating to its environment. In addition, many of the bachas are bible sheets, which makes the piece irreverent and mocking, even provocative if one takes into account the artist’s Catholic past.

ARTSPACEMEXICO is an emerging contemporary art gallery, wich is born in the middle of the year 2012 as an artistic management project; being until the year 2013 when it is established like gallery. At the moment it is directed by Armando Martinez Medina, who is master in cultural heritage and administrator of companies. Benjamin J.M. Martínez Castañeda, as a curator, who is a master in visual arts and a professor at the Faculty of Arts and Design of UNAM.