Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo

Temporal, referencias al espacio
Moris, Ricardo Rendón, Pablo López Luz, Daniel Alcalá, Omar Barquet, Marcos Castro, Miguel Castro Leñero, Mauro Giaconi, Justin Hibbs, Alejandro Pintado, Ivan Puig, Omar Rodríguez-Graham, Fernando Carabajal, José Luis Lander, Marcela Armas, Monica Espinosa

El caudal japonés
Agustín González
A solo show, with new works, on view in the garage at Pablo Goebel Fine Arts.

Arróniz arises from a specific interest in working with a new generation of artists from Mexico and Latin America. Our main thrust is the support and close and constant monitoring of the careers of our artists, on both the local and international scenes. A key part of our work lies in the exchanges that take place with galleries in other countries and our participation in international fairs.