(ESP) ALMANAQUE Fotográfica

Parque Galería

José Luis Cuevas. México, 1973.
Short fragment of his extensive images, this exhibition is a non-chronological lateral approach to Jose Luis Cuevas oeuvre nourished by a certain matter: man and his traces in the animate and inanimate. Cuevas presents an extension of himself through images that are scattered as our eccentricities in the various searches of a same beyond. The fragments captured by the photographer guard a world freed from its slags, where transcendence remains uncertain. Thus, Cuevas composes a purification of the sordid in subjects and objects of an ever greater universe threatened to become ashes.
Rather than proposing a set of harmoniously beautiful units, POLVO puts us before the indispensable fragmentation that resists representation. The extended view of “all” according to Cuevas, is elaborated by framing the “parts”. A glance derives from extremities to machinations that become in organs or vestiges, as if asking of what we are made of, so that the occult acquires an autonomous existence, revealing its unsettling particularity.
A certain monumentality in the volumes is reminiscent of religious iconography or forensic practice, at other times they seem diffuse as seen through the smoke of an incenser communicating us with something that transcends a liberating latitude of perception.
Curators: Arturo Delgado (Mexico) y Aurélie Vandewynckele (France).
POLVO is part of FOTO MEXICO International Photography Festivals’ Official Program and concurs with ‘Dos Ensayos’, Cuevas’ individual exhibition at Mexico’s Ministry of Culture Photography Museum “Centro de la Imagen”.

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